Shedding those extra pounds sometimes seems impossible. No matter how much we try to make time for exercise, something always come up. The lack of time and indolence are the reasons why majority of people strive to lose weight with a miracle product. Over the years, we have seen hundreds of such products claiming to burn fat appear and disappear. While a number of these products were legitimate, others turned out to be just a sham. Recently, we have been introduced with Pure Natural Forskolin. Contained in a small bottle, the product is an herbal extract of Coleus Forskohlii plant that claims to be highly effective for weight loss.

Forskolin is not a modern discovery. It has been used to treat several kinds of disorders for many centuries such as digestive disorders, allergies, infections and rheumatism. Nowadays it is being promoted as a natural metabolism booster and fat burner. Although, some dietitians have voiced reservations about the potency of Forskolin, most people who have been watching their weight are going gaga over it. Let’s discuss the ingredients, benefits and health concerns of Forskolin.


The manufacturers of Pure Natural Forskolin have stated that it has 100% all natural ingredients.

Pure Natural Forskolin contains the following ingredients:

The product does not have any artificial colors, chemicals or preservatives to ensure its efficacy and consumer’s health.

Recommended Dose

According to the manufacturer’s protocol, Pure Natural Forskolin should be taken twice a day for optimal result.

Side Effects

Before taking any medication, it is important to be aware of its potential side effects. Moreover, it is best to talk to your healthcare practitioner as well. Pure Natural Forskolin is generally safe in adults if taken within the limits of its safe dose. There are inadequate trials to validate the complete safety of the drug but on the basis of few clinical studies and researches, Forskolin is found to be very safe. During the research, the subjects did not encounter any severe adverse effects.

Precautions and Warnings

Patients with blood disorders or cardiovascular diseases should refrain from taking Forskolin. There is some proof that Forskolin causes thinning of blood and increases the likelihood of bleeding. If you are scheduled to have a surgical procedure, stop taking Forskolin at least two weeks prior to the appointment. In heart patients, the product might significantly lower the blood pressure and aggravate the condition.

The safety of Forskolin in pregnant women and nursing mothers is not known yet. It is advised that in pregnancy and lactation, women should avoid the product just to be on the safe side.


Due to its clinical benefits Forskolin has become quite a sensation and its price tends to rise and drop accordingly. At the time of writing this review the price of Pure Natural Forskolin was found to be $37.


Even though they promise 100% purity and potency, the manufacturers of Pure Natural Forskolin do not give any guarantee of weight loss. If the expected results are not obtained, the company will not refund the customer. It is not very uncommon. In most cases producers of dietary supplement do not pledge to reimburse the clients if they found the results to be disappointing. There is nothing evil going on behind it. This is how it works.


Forskolin might not be the perfect solution but it is worth a try. Based on our in-depth research, Forskolin does have properties that accelerate the metabolism and thermogenesis of fat by breaking down fat stored in fat cells and releasing fatty acids stored in the muscle tissue. Clinical studies have shown that Pure Natural Forskolin helps to reduce body weight, aids in building muscles and maintaining the overall weight. However, the experimental trials are insufficient in number. In a nutshell, we simply need more proof to verify its results. Until then, we can only hypothesize and try it in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss. You  might be better off looking for a different weight loss supplement.

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