This is a review of Elite Forskolin, a weight loss product. There are many Forskolin extract weight loss products on the market today. Forskolin is extracted from the roots of the Coleus forskolin plant and allows your body to burn belly fat and stop the formation of new fat. Forskolin extract was launched into popularity by Dr. Oz on his television talk show. He referred to it as “lightning in a bottle.”  It is the most potent fat buster on the market and it is also a powerful appetite suppressant. In addition to Dr. Oz’s claims, many clinical studies and news reports have backed the power of Forskolin extract. We decided to take a closer look at this specific product. Read on to learn more about whether it is right for your weight loss needs.


This is an herbal supplement, not a medication.  This product website has very little actual information on it.  Ingredients and formulations are not listed on the website.  It is unclear if the product has artificial ingredients, fillers or binders.


This product is intended for weight loss.  You should take one capsule two to three times a day with meals and a full glass of water.  This product works best when used in combination with diet and exercise. Individual results may vary.


The manufacturer offers a free trial bottle.  However, the retail price for this product is not listed online.  Beware of free trial offers because they often require you to sign up for an automatic shipment program and can be difficult to cancel. The company also recommends that you purchase their cleanse.


We could not find any clear information on returns and refunds on the official website, so this may be something you will have to address with individual resellers. Consumers want to feel confident in trying out a new product. It is disappointing that this product does not offer the security of a money back guarantee. Many comparable products offer guarantees.


There are an almost endless amount of weight loss supplements on the market which can be overwhelming and confusing for consumers. Trying to figure out which products do as they promise can be a confusing, daunting and frustrating task. Elite Forskolin is supposedly based on natural herbal extracts with known benefits for weight loss. However, there is very limited information available online about this product. The product website seems to be all fluff and no substance.  We are also hesitant to recommend a company with a “free trial” scheme.

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