Premium Forskolin Extract, made by Millor Life, is a weight loss supplement.  It makes some amazing claims as to the benefits of use. This is the main herb used in Ayurvedic medicine in India for over 300 years.  It is mainly used for circulatory health and weight management and also to treat asthma.



The benefits of use are:

  • Helps in losing weight
    • adipose tissue breakdown
  • Improves well being
    • more focus
    • more stamina
    • more energy
  • Other
    • improved circulation
    • fights insomnia
    • helps relief allergies
    • stabilizes hormones
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Tension/Anxiety reduction


  • Forskolin 250mg
    • Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract
      • 20% Standardized


The recommended dosage is one capsule twice daily and for best results take 20 – 30 mins before a meal with water.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects listed on the manufacturer’s website. There is the standard precautionary warning on the bottle about consulting a healthcare professional if you are under 18, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Will This Product Produce Long-Term Results?

There are long-term results listed on the manufacturer’s website.


The product does not have a price listed on the manufacturer’s website.  There is a button to click that says buy now that takes the customer to Amazon to purchase the product.

Amazon has the product listed for:

  • $29.95/bottle

This price includes free shipping for orders over $35 dollars.  There is also a limited time offer of Buy 1 Get 1 Free.  This is an average price compared to other comparable weight loss supplements.


There is no manufacturer guarantee listed on the website, but there is a graphic icon that states a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What this entails, however, would have to be directed to the manufacturer themselves.  There are many holes in this return policy since it does not elaborate.  This is not a consumer-minded practice if you leave the customer with crumbs of what you offer and then provide no explanations.  Amazon, however, has a good return policy that is easy to initiate should the need arise.


While it is a good product, its is not as good as our product because of the guarantee.  Millor Life Premium Forskolin provides no information as to what exactly the 100% satisfaction guarantee entails.  This could leave a lot of room for interpretation from the consumer and cause a customer service nightmare.  Can you return opened bottles?  Do you pay return shipping?  How long do I have to return the product?  What is the time limit on the satisfaction guarantee?  Are there any restocking fees associated with returning the product?  The guarantee should be better explained so that there is not a misunderstanding between consumer and manufacturer.

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