When you are obese or when you are suffering from excess weight, it can be really challenging for you to find effective ways to lose weight. But the good thing is that there are now various forskolin for weight loss options available. It will now just depend on your choice as to which product you intend to buy. Among experts and those who have already achieved their weight loss targets, many of them recommend Forskolin products. One company producing this product is from Life Extension.



Life Extension Forskolin is specifically formulated to help those who are having a hard time losing weight. The main ingredient in this product is the Coleus forskohlii which is an ancient herbal plant which is known to have strong fat burning properties. The herbal plant can also boost your metabolic rate to digest food faster and to burn body fats. Other ingredients used in the product include the following rice flour, vegetable cellulose (capsule), maltodextrin, vegetable stearate. By using the weight loss supplement, the brand claims that you can easily lose weight without having to undergo the tedious process of changing your diet or having a rigorous exercise program.

Recommended Usage

To achieve the best results, you should take one capsule every day. In taking the capsule, make sure you take it on an empty stomach or it also depends on the recommendation of the health professional.

Possible Side Effects

When it comes to possible side effects, there is no available information pertaining to the side effects of using Life Extension Forskolin. But since the product makes use of natural ingredients, you do not have to worry about adverse side effects. You just have to be extra careful especially if you are pregnant or if you are under medication.

Long Term Results

In using the Life Extension Forskolin, it is hard to say as to whether you can get long term results considering that every person differs when it comes their response to products. But with its formula, you can say that it can help you lose weight. For you to achieve long term results, you have to use the weight loss supplement along with having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


The price of Life Extension Forskolin varies for members and for retail. For one bottle, members will only have to pay $10.80. The retail price is $14.40.


Life Extension Forskolin ensures 100% satisfaction guaranteed in using the product. However, the brand does not offer any money back guarantee.


Is this product worth the buy? You can say it is a good choice considering that the price is relatively lower compared to other weight loss brands. Yet, you also have to take into consideration that going for the cheapest does not guarantee you the best results. If you really want to save then you can try out this product. However, due to the fact that it’s so cheap, we have concerns about the quality and advise that you keep looking for a more suitable Forskolin product.

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