What’s Up With Forskolin?

We all know that Forskolin is a medicinal herbal extract of Coleus Forskohli used to treat a variety of diseases such as psoriasis, asthma, urinary tract infections, cardiovascular diseases and abdominal conditions. Lately, there is a rumor going on that Forskolin is a miracle dietary supplement that will help you loss tons of weight in no time. Although we don’t doubt the benefits of Ayurvedic herb, we can’t help but be skeptical about its claims to be the most meticulous weight loss pill in the market.

In this article we will discuss the benefits, side effects and efficacy of Forskolin.

Main Ingredients Of ForskolinProduct Reviews Of Forskolin

Depending upon the manufacturer, ingredients of Forskolin may vary. Many companies have declared that they use 100% unadulterated extract of Forskolin to maximize the results. To avoid allergic reactions and other unwanted effects, most producers refrain from adding artificial binders, fillers, colors or chemicals.

Functional and active components are:

  • Active 10% Forskolin
  • 20% Coleus Forskohlii Root
  • Yielding 50 mg

How Much Forskolin Can You Take In One Day?

For weight loss purposes, you have to take Forskolin orally. Maximum dose of 10% Forskolin is 500 mg per day.

Undesirable Reactions To Forskolin

Forskolin is a natural herbal extract derived from the root of Coleus forskohlii. Alternative medicines like herbal remedies have a tendency to cause some unwanted reactions in the body. A number of side effects that can occur after taking Forskolin include low bloodProduct Reviews Of Forskolin pressure, fatigue, dizziness, thinning of blood, elevated heart rate (tachycardia), heartburn, indigestion and drug interactions.

Rarely, it can cause blood clots, heart failure, hemorrhage and loss of consciousness. Forskolin is contraindicated in heart patients, blood disorders and 14 days before surgical procedures. It’s better if women don’t take Forskolin in pregnancy and lactation.

How Much Does Forskolin Cost?

Supplements of Forskolin can be expensive comparatively. If, for some reason, it doesn’t work on you, you might feel you have wasted plenty of money. To avoid this situation, you can go for a free trial. Many manufacturers are now offering a risk-free trial offer for customers in the US.

Does Forskolin Offer Reimbursements?

Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers are currently offering guarantee and cash-back assurance.

Is Forskolin Miraculous Or Not?

Product Reviews Of ForskolinIn May 2014, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, author and television personality, discussed Forskolin and its fat-burning properties on a television show. He talked about how Forskolin enhances lipid metabolism, eats up extra fat piled up in adipose tissues, helps to obtain optimal Body Mass Index (BMI) and improves memory and concentration.

It appears that the fat fighting properties of the miracle plant has been scientifically proven. In 2005, a team of exercise researches at the University of Kansas conducted a study on how Forskolin improves the body mass index in overweight and obese men. The end result of the experiment came out to be positive. Subjects who took the supplements managed to lose weight and gain more muscle tissue.

However, that being said, this is just one study. Additional studies were carried out and the results were disappointing and inconsistent. We are not saying that Forskolin doesn’t aid in weight loss, but due to the lack of evidence we can’t be sure. If your dietitian allows you to take the supplement, then you may take it. While it won’t shed the extra pounds in one day, it will certainly promote weight loss.