This is going to be a review on Forskolin Premium. After extensive research, we’ve determined Forskolin Premium may be one, if not the best fat burning product currently for purchase. The manufacturer states this product is unlike other forskolin products due to the fact it does not contain extra filler ingredients which are unnecessary and do not help with providing results. For those who are serious about shedding that unwanted body fat, this can be a contender for you. Please continue reading the review to learn more about this product and its claims.



A serving, which is 2 capsules, of Forskolin Premium contains 500 milligrams worth of pure Forskolin Root Extract. The capsules are vegetarian, making this product also ideal for people who choose to live a vegetarian lifestyle.


It is recommended you take one capsule twice daily. Each capsule should be take half hour before you eat with 8 ounces of water.

Possible Side Effects

Forskolin Premium is stated to not interact with other supplements or medications. However, we always recommend you talk with your doctor before adding any type of new supplement into your lifestyle. For pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding, people with an already existing condition, or those who are already taking a prescription medication, it is highly suggested you first speak with your healthcare professional.


You can select from three packages when it comes to this product. You can choose from the one month supply, 3 months supply, or the 6 months supply. Each is at a discounted price; however, your best value would be to purchase the 6 month supply package since each bottle would amount to $33.00, which is greatly discounted from the one month supply, priced at $48.00.


Forskolin Premium comes with a one year guarantee. This allows you to have plenty of time to test the product without having to worry about losing your money. If you’re unsatisfied or unhappy with the product after a certain length of time, you can send your contents back with no hassle. All the company asks you to do is first contact a customer service representative to notify them and then send the product (opened and unopened) back to the company. Once they receive the shipment your refund will be processed.

Besides the very solid guarantee, the product is also supported by customer testimonials. The majority of the customers have enjoyed and been very happy with the results and claims of this product.


Forskolin Premium may be one of the best fat loss products currently for purchase. Besides the purity of the ingredients, this product is vegetarian friendly, and provides results without compromising quality. Another reason this product is stands out from the rest is due to its customer reviews and full year guarantee. It is very rare a company provides such a great guarantee. The guarantee allows you or any potential new customer to try this product without fear of lost money. If you are sick and tired of trying all types of forskolin products and getting little to no results, Forskolin Premium may be the answer you are searching for.

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