Hindu and ayurvedic medicinal practitioners have used the supplement Forskolin since antiquity.  This mint family member, Coleus Forskhlii, is where forskolin comes from. It is an extract from the root of the plant.  Forskolin increases thyroid production which controls metabolism.  We all know that the metabolism plays a crucial role in the weight loss battle.  BRI Forskolin Supplement claims to have many benefits of use.  These benefits include:

  • Weight loss
    • claims a  2005 trial was conducted and then shared their findings in Obesity Research showed that the test group that used Forskolin lost more weight and gained more lean body mass than the group that just had a placebo drug
  • Loss of belly fat
    • Adenalyte Cyclase is increased by Forskolin, which, in turn, increases cAMP (an enzyme found in fat). The fat is then burned away by the lipase that is stimulated by the cAMP levels
  • Natural
    • a mint family member
    • used in antiquity to combat health problems like hypertension and asthma
  • Excess fat breakdown
    • promotes the breakdown of stored fat according to researchers
  • Release of fatty acids
    • increased thermogenesis (the generation of body heat) causes the loss of body fat by generating energy for body heat and other critical body functions


  • Forskolin 20%
    • Coleus Forskohlii root extract
  • Other Ingredients:
    • Vegetarian Capusule
    • Magnesium Stearate — acts as a lubricant to prevent the contents from sticking to the machinery that produce them


The recommended daily dosage for this supplement is one capsule daily. Forskolin Premium recommends one capsule twice daily.

Possible Side Effects

The only listed side effects are:

  • may cause low blood pressure
  • avoid taking if pregnant or breastfeeding

Will This Product Produce Long-Term Results?

There is no information listed as to whether this product will produce long-term results.  The only information found on results state that the product should be taken for at least twelve weeks for results.


Bri Forskolin Supplement is priced at $19.97 per bottle.  There is a VIP offer for 15% off and free shipping if you provide your email address.  This price point is inexpensive when compared to other comparable brands.  This cheap price point could also lead consumers to wonder how they are able to offer it at such a low price.  This could also lead to more questions of the real quality of the product.


There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee listed on the website.  There is no other information about the guarantee that can be found.  There is a contact us button on the page that one could use to contact the company directly and inquire if need be.


BRI Forskolin gives no other information other than the 100% satisfaction guarantee on their weight loss supplement.  It seems rather inconvenient to contact them for more information on their guarantee of BRI Forskolin Supplement for weight loss. As a result, we suggest that you keep looking for a more suitable weight loss product.

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