Unexpected Health Benefits From Weight Loss

Why lose weight? Some people may want to lose weight in order to get a fit and trim body. Perhaps you’re getting ready for a special occasion, like your wedding, and you want to look your best in your wedding gown. Others lose weight grudgingly, maybe under pressure from a parent, spouse or doctor. All of these are fine, valid reasons. But weight loss has other benefits many of us may not be aware of. Let’s go through some unexpected benefits of weight loss:

You sleep better.
Sleep apnea, a dangerous disorder that involves pauses in breathing during sleep, can be reduced or remedied through weight loss. Studies show that difficulties associated with sleep apnea were cut in half by weight loss. So, maybe it’s not your pillow or allergies that are to blame, maybe you just need to lose weight.

Unexpected Health Benefits From Weight LossYour memory improves.
A study on patients who trimmed down after weight loss surgery also showed significant improvement in memory. Could it be that the reason you can’t remember where you put your keys is because you need to lose weight?

Your Type 2 diabetes is reversed.
Type 2 diabetes occurs in adulthood and is closely related to obesity. It is said to have no cure. And yet, a recent study demonstrated how Type 2 diabetes sufferers successfully reversed their symptoms because of weight loss. This is an exciting breakthrough as it brings hope for many patients with type 2 diabetes.

You bid goodbye to asthma and allergies.
Although seemingly unrelated, being overweight has a lot to do with having asthma and allergies. Obesity taxes both the adrenal and respiratory systems of the body. This is why being overweight predisposes you to more allergic and asthma attacks. It’s possible that your sniffles, itches and wheezes will go away once you lose weight.

Unexpected Health Benefits From Weight LossYou get relief from arthritis.
Arthritis sufferers who lost weight were found to experience less pain in their knees than those who didn’t lose weight. Being overweight can increase arthritic inflammation. The extra weight that your body carries when you are overweight can put more stress on your joints. It’s time to “lighten up” and ease your pain.

You feel less pain in your feet.
Foot pain can be uncomfortable or annoying at the least and debilitating at the most. If you find yourself complaining of foot pain more often, your body might be telling you to lose weight.

You’re happier.
Too large a store of fat in the body can interfere with your hormones and cause problems like PMS and depression. Don’t be surprised if you’re overweight and you find yourself to be sad, irritable and unreasonable very often. Some hormonal imbalances indicate the need for you to trim down.

You’re more beautiful.
Being overweight can make you look pale and give you dark circles under the eyes. This is because of poor nutrition and over-consumption of sugars and carbohydrates that wreak havoc especially on your skin. The proper nutrition required to lose weight will bring back the glow in your skin as well as improve your mood and well-being. If you lose weight, you’ll soon be happy, fit and glowing!