Quick and Safe Way to Lose Weight

You’ve tried every diet in the book. Perhaps you’ve lost a few pounds but you find yourself hungry, miserable and exhausted. Probably, you’ve just as easily regained the weight you worked so hard to shed. You truly want your diet-and-exercise plan to work, but things always seem to go wrong somewhere along the way. Advice from experts can guide you through your weight-loss plan and show you that you can achieve a healthy weight quickly, minus the usual hitches.

The Quick and Safe Way to Lose WeightThe first tip is to ditch the fads. Your favorite celebrity may swear by it, or maybe all your co-workers are into it. But these fad diets usually do not give long-term results. They deprive so much that you are sure to crave for ‘forbidden food’ later on and totally destroy your diet. Stay away from diets that make use of pills or laxatives. It’s still best to stick to the health experts’ tried-and-tested formula.

Eat less and exercise more. This may sound trite but it’s still the best and safest way. Keep your calorie intake at 1,050 to 1,250 for optimal results. Any less than that would be dangerous. Too few calories in the diet would result in burning, not only fat but muscle as well. This would result in weakness and a slackened metabolism that would sabotage your goal to lose pounds quickly. With the right amount of calories and just an hour of moderate exercise a day, you can lose up to 5 pounds in a week.

Don’t stop with the first few pounds lost. Okay, so you’ve lost 3 or even 5 pounds. Yay! But don’t celebrate with ice cream and don’t cancel you gym membership just yet. To keep your calorie count low, you had to cut down on carbs, salt and starches. In effect, what you’ve lost may mostly be fluids. The fat still has to be burned.

The Quick and Safe Way to Lose WeightKnow which food choices will help speed up your weight loss. Water and veggies are great allies. They keep you feeling full and well-hydrated. Fruit is fiber-packed as well as delicious. Lean meats, soy products, non-dairy, egg whites, fish and shellfish are other good options to speed up weight loss. Avoid fatty meats, added sugars and dairy.

Take notes. Keeping a record of what you’ve eaten and how you felt during a meal can be very effective in ensuring successful weight loss. Putting things in writing reinforces your commitment to your regimen. Noting your emotions while eating could help signal any emotional eating issues that you might have to discuss with a counselor. How your feelings affect the way you eat is one thing that should not be overlooked.

Keep on exercising. Interval training is recommended rather than keeping at an intense level all the time. Balance high intensity with mild paces. Sustaining activity over a longer period of time will result in more calories burned. Include cardio exercises to burn fat quickly with a few strength-building exercises as well. It is also always best to consult a health care provider before starting your exercise program.
You can successfully lose weight quickly and safely and if you keep these tips in mind.