Is Forskolin As Beneficial As It Claims To Be?

Forskolin has been around for a long time and its uses and advantages are well-known all over the world. It is a labdane diterpene, a chemical compound produced by the Indian Coleus plant called Coleus forskohlii. The herbal extract is used as a medicament to treat different kinds of diseases and conditions. In Indian traditional medical practices, this Ayurvedic herb has been regarded as a cure-all for hundreds of years. However, in the United States, Forskolin is relatively new and unknown. While no one can deny its benefits as an anti-infective and anti-allergic, people are skeptical about forskolin claiming to be a potent weight loss medicine.

A number of experiments and studies were carried out to prove the legitimacy of the drug. Whilst we have no concrete evidence that it is the magic bullet for weight loss, Forskolin has shown positive results in some clinical trials.

In this article, you will find a complete overview of Forskolin including its benefits, side effects and efficacy.

Forskolin Supplements – What Do They Contain?

Reviews, Testimonials And User Experiences Of ForskolinNowadays, forskolin is causing widespread reaction of interest and excitement. Proclaiming to be one of the best solutions to treat obesity, forskolin has created quite a stir. There are many companies that are manufacturing forskolin supplements and each of them has its own set of ingredients.

Forskolin is derived from the root of Coleus forskohlii. Active and most common ingredients include:

Active 10% Forskolin
20% Coleus Forskohlii Root (a member of mint family)
Yielding 50 mg

Effective Dose Of Forskolin

According to healthcare practitioners and supplement producers, the recommended dosage of 10% Forskolin is 500 mg per day. For weight loss purposes, Forskolin should be taken orally.

Undesirable Effects Caused By Forskolin

According to trials and user experiences, Forskolin has a handful of adverse effects that you should be aware of. It can cause hypotension, increased bleeding, arrhythmia, irritation of throat, dry cough, increase in testosterone levels, restlessness and tremors. It is contraindicated in patients with blood disorders and cardiomyopathy. Moreover, it should be avoided before major surgical procedures. Although it is not contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, it is better to steer clear of forskolin due to lack of validity.

Cost Of Forskolin

Forskolin, often termed as ‘lightning in a bottle’, has become one of the most popular dietary supplements. Forskolin is cost-effective with a price range of $12 and $40. Please keep in mind that prices change depending upon the popularity, brand and dosage of supplement.

What’s The Guarantee That Forskolin Will Work?

Reviews, Testimonials And User Experiences Of ForskolinManufacturers of Forskolin have made no promises that their product will show definite results. They have openly declared that their product is advantageous and yields results, but they haven’t mentioned anything about a refund.

Is Forskolin The Magic Bullet?

We can all agree that Forskolin is not a panacea. It comes with its potentially risky side effects and uses. In order to obtain the best possible result with forskolin supplements, it is necessary that you follow the prescription, eat a healthy diet and exercise.

According to producers, Forskolin has fat burning properties. It boosts metabolism, reduces weight and helps you achieve optimal body mass index (BMI). Advantages of forskolin are not limited to its weight losing properties. It also claims to improve concentration, mental stamina and memory as well.

Based on investigations, we have learned that it does have a fat-burning mechanism of action. However, the results were not consistent. While in some trials Forskolin managed to improve body composition, it failed to demonstrate the expected results in other trials. To sum it up, we need more clinical studies to confirm the efficacy of Forskolin.