Quick & Safe Way to Lose Weight

Quick and Safe Way to Lose Weight

You’ve tried every diet in the book. Perhaps you’ve lost a few pounds but you find yourself hungry, miserable and exhausted. Probably, you’ve just as easily regained the weight you worked so hard to shed. You truly want your diet-and-exercise plan to work, but things always seem to go wrong somewhere along the way. Advice from experts can guide you through your weight-loss plan and show you that you can achieve a healthy weight quickly, minus the usual hitches.

The Quick and Safe Way to Lose WeightThe first tip is to ditch the fads. Your favorite celebrity may swear by it, or maybe all your co-workers are into it. But these fad diets usually do not give long-term results. They deprive so much that you are sure to crave for ‘forbidden food’ later on and totally destroy your diet. Stay away from diets that make use of pills or laxatives. It’s still best to stick to the health experts’ tried-and-tested formula.

Eat less and exercise more. This may sound trite but it’s still the best and safest way. Keep your calorie intake at 1,050 to 1,250 for optimal results. Any less than that would be dangerous. Too few calories in the diet would result in burning, not only fat but muscle as well. This would result in weakness and a slackened metabolism that would sabotage your goal to lose pounds quickly. With the right amount of calories and just an hour of moderate exercise a day, you can lose up to 5 pounds in a week.

Don’t stop with the first few pounds lost. Okay, so you’ve lost 3 or even 5 pounds. Yay! But don’t celebrate with ice cream and don’t cancel you gym membership just yet. To keep your calorie count low, you had to cut down on carbs, salt and starches. In effect, what you’ve lost may mostly be fluids. The fat still has to be burned.

The Quick and Safe Way to Lose WeightKnow which food choices will help speed up your weight loss. Water and veggies are great allies. They keep you feeling full and well-hydrated. Fruit is fiber-packed as well as delicious. Lean meats, soy products, non-dairy, egg whites, fish and shellfish are other good options to speed up weight loss. Avoid fatty meats, added sugars and dairy.

Take notes. Keeping a record of what you’ve eaten and how you felt during a meal can be very effective in ensuring successful weight loss. Putting things in writing reinforces your commitment to your regimen. Noting your emotions while eating could help signal any emotional eating issues that you might have to discuss with a counselor. How your feelings affect the way you eat is one thing that should not be overlooked.

Keep on exercising. Interval training is recommended rather than keeping at an intense level all the time. Balance high intensity with mild paces. Sustaining activity over a longer period of time will result in more calories burned. Include cardio exercises to burn fat quickly with a few strength-building exercises as well. It is also always best to consult a health care provider before starting your exercise program.
You can successfully lose weight quickly and safely and if you keep these tips in mind.

Forskolin for Weight Loss?

Forskolin for Weight Loss?

Forskolin, a supplement produced from the Coleus forskohlii plant, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It’s traditionally used to address a large number of health concerns, including heart-related diseases such as hypertension and angina, and to treat asthma. And it has proven effective in western medicine as well, including, for example, in the treatment of asthma, glaucoma, and psoriasis, and may prove useful in treating hypothyroidism.

But the big buzz about forskolin recently concerns weight loss, and maybe even more important, weight loss without losing muscle, which is what seemed to happen in one study. Forskolin may work by increasing metabolism, but not all experts agree on that. Another idea is that it might work because of its ability to break down fat cells, but this is still being studied.Forskolin for Weight Loss?

Another study indicates that forskolin helps with weight management in that it helps people not gain weight as quickly as they otherwise might. That’s a good thing, but not quite the same thing as losing weight.

The differences in these studies may be attributable to differences in the way men and women lose weight, but that’s not clear, either.

Whether or not forskolin helps people lose weight, or not gain weight as quickly, or how it might do any of that, is still not entirely clear. The questions need more study.

Meanwhile, people who want to lose weight are using forskolin and reporting mixed results. Some people are losing some weight, others not so much. So we’re not getting good answers from these reports, either.

No matter what new diet supplement comes along, and no matter how it works or doesn’t work, experts still advise that to lose weight you also need to exercise, and yes, you still need to watch what you eat. It seems the best course might be to do just that, and then maybe try forskolin to see if it makes a difference for you.

Forskolin for Weight Loss?But before you do that, you may be interested in the possible side effects from using the supplement. It’s considered to be safe, but some people experience stomach upsets when they first use forskolin. Those with stomach ulcers should avoid forskolin. If you already have low blood pressure, don’t use forskolin because it may lower it still more. And if you’re scheduled for surgery within the next couple of weeks, you’re advised not to use forskolin without talking to your doctor. If you’re taking any prescription medications, and especially anything to do with your heart, you also want to avoid forskolin until you’ve talked with your doctor. Forskolin may have interactions with any drug, but especially with heart-related medications, and those used to treat asthma.

If you do buy a forskolin supplement, you’re advised to choose a product with a label that reads “pure forskohlii extract” and one that is standardized to 20 percent, and follow the dosage recommendations on the label.

And as always, if you’re pregnant or nursing you need to talk to your doctor before taking any herbal remedies.

An Ancient Remedy Or A Modern Dietary Tool?

Forskolin – An Ancient Remedy Or A Modern Dietary Tool?

Forskolin is a potent herbal extract obtained from Cecoleus Forskohlii, a member of the wide ranging mint family. Forskolin herbal remedies date back over thousands of years. It is widely known as a heal-all Ayurvedic medicine in traditional Hindu culture. Forskolin is commonly used in the treatments for allergies, infections, abdominal diseases, eye disorders, respiratory diseases and dermatological problems.

What Does Forskolin Look Like?A Short Review Of Forskolin – A Weight Loss Supplement

The plant has a small size, approximately one to two feet long, with gleaming green leaves featuring a splotch of purple in the middle. You will frequently see a light purple or blue flower blossoming from a stem. While leaves are pretty to look at, it is the root which has the magical curative properties. The roots contain many medicinal substances and unique functional elements.

Where Does It Grow?

It is commonly found in locations with a subtropical climate such as Thailand, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Why Is Forskolin Being Touted As A Modern Dietary Tool?

In western countries Forskolin only became commercial when a Finnish botanist named Forskal discovered the plant in the year of 1974. US National Library of Medicine issued a clinical study stating that Forskolin can be used to lose weight. During the investigation, they unearthed the fact that it can burn fat and reduce Body Mass Index. They also discovered that Forskolin increases bone mass simultaneously.A Short Review Of Forskolin – A Weight Loss Supplement

Ingredients Found In Forskolin

Forskolin features the following ingredients:

Dose Of Forskolin

The maximum oral dose of Forskolin supplement is 500 mg.

Side Effects Of Forskolin

Adverse effects of Forskolin are hypotension (low blood pressure), headache, irregularity in heart rate (arrhythmia), and high levels of testosterone, sore throat and tremors.


Forskolin is potentially dangerous in heart and cardiovascular diseases and blood disorders. Furthermore, it is important to stop any herbal medicine at least two weeks before surgery.

Although there is no evidence of teratogenicity and toxicity, women who are expecting or nursing should take no chances and avoid Forskolin.

Is Forskolin Expensive?

A Short Review Of Forskolin - A Weight Loss SupplementForskolin costs more compared to other herbal medicines. There are many manufacturers in the market and they have their own rates. Price also depends upon the potency of drug and its popularity. Beware of sellers who are selling the drug too cheap or too expensive. Before you buy Forskolin, do your research and consult your physician.

What If Forskolin Doesn’t Work?

If you achieve unsatisfactory results with Forskolin, there is nothing you can do about it. Companies producing Forskolin make no guarantee as to the accuracy and effectiveness of supplement.

Does Forskolin Really Work?

There are limited clinical trials about the weight loss effects of Forskolin. Clinical studies with overweight subjects have proved that its mechanism of action causes an increase in cAMP levels which in turn boosts the natural fatty acid metabolism. To date, we have no consistent and authentic results. It is hard to say whether Forskolin work the same way in every patient. Concluding the review, Forskolin does promote weight loss in a number of people, but we can’t be sure of its consistency until we have more proof.

Forskolin Facts & Benefits

What’s Up With Forskolin?

We all know that Forskolin is a medicinal herbal extract of Coleus Forskohli used to treat a variety of diseases such as psoriasis, asthma, urinary tract infections, cardiovascular diseases and abdominal conditions. Lately, there is a rumor going on that Forskolin is a miracle dietary supplement that will help you loss tons of weight in no time. Although we don’t doubt the benefits of Ayurvedic herb, we can’t help but be skeptical about its claims to be the most meticulous weight loss pill in the market.

In this article we will discuss the benefits, side effects and efficacy of Forskolin.

Main Ingredients Of ForskolinProduct Reviews Of Forskolin

Depending upon the manufacturer, ingredients of Forskolin may vary. Many companies have declared that they use 100% unadulterated extract of Forskolin to maximize the results. To avoid allergic reactions and other unwanted effects, most producers refrain from adding artificial binders, fillers, colors or chemicals.

Functional and active components are:

  • Active 10% Forskolin
  • 20% Coleus Forskohlii Root
  • Yielding 50 mg

How Much Forskolin Can You Take In One Day?

For weight loss purposes, you have to take Forskolin orally. Maximum dose of 10% Forskolin is 500 mg per day.

Undesirable Reactions To Forskolin

Forskolin is a natural herbal extract derived from the root of Coleus forskohlii. Alternative medicines like herbal remedies have a tendency to cause some unwanted reactions in the body. A number of side effects that can occur after taking Forskolin include low bloodProduct Reviews Of Forskolin pressure, fatigue, dizziness, thinning of blood, elevated heart rate (tachycardia), heartburn, indigestion and drug interactions.

Rarely, it can cause blood clots, heart failure, hemorrhage and loss of consciousness. Forskolin is contraindicated in heart patients, blood disorders and 14 days before surgical procedures. It’s better if women don’t take Forskolin in pregnancy and lactation.

How Much Does Forskolin Cost?

Supplements of Forskolin can be expensive comparatively. If, for some reason, it doesn’t work on you, you might feel you have wasted plenty of money. To avoid this situation, you can go for a free trial. Many manufacturers are now offering a risk-free trial offer for customers in the US.

Does Forskolin Offer Reimbursements?

Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers are currently offering guarantee and cash-back assurance.

Is Forskolin Miraculous Or Not?

Product Reviews Of ForskolinIn May 2014, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, author and television personality, discussed Forskolin and its fat-burning properties on a television show. He talked about how Forskolin enhances lipid metabolism, eats up extra fat piled up in adipose tissues, helps to obtain optimal Body Mass Index (BMI) and improves memory and concentration.

It appears that the fat fighting properties of the miracle plant has been scientifically proven. In 2005, a team of exercise researches at the University of Kansas conducted a study on how Forskolin improves the body mass index in overweight and obese men. The end result of the experiment came out to be positive. Subjects who took the supplements managed to lose weight and gain more muscle tissue.

However, that being said, this is just one study. Additional studies were carried out and the results were disappointing and inconsistent. We are not saying that Forskolin doesn’t aid in weight loss, but due to the lack of evidence we can’t be sure. If your dietitian allows you to take the supplement, then you may take it. While it won’t shed the extra pounds in one day, it will certainly promote weight loss.

Forskolin And Its Advantages

Why Is Forskolin Called A Wonder Product?

Forskolin is a labdane diterpene extracted from the Indian Coleus plant known as Coleus forskohlii. It is a strong herbal substance known to provide several health benefits. Forskolin works by activating an enzyme called adenylyl cyclase and by increasing intracellular cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels, a second messenger that plays a major role in many biological processes. Forskolin belongs to diterpene family and is said to possess unique functional elements.

There have been several clinical studies that have probed into the efficacy of Forskolin as a weight loss product. According to one published study, Forskolin reduces fat, increases muscle and bone mass and raises the levels of testosterone in overweight men. It also contains anorectic properties and decreases appetite. Due to success of this clinical study, Forskolin is today being marketed as a fat-burning supplement.

Besides aiding in weight loss, Forskolin has many other uses. Some of them are:

  • A Short Review On Forskolin And Its AdvantagesForskolin eye-drops are useful in patients with open angle glaucoma as it decreases intra-ocular pressure.
  • Forskolin is a good sun-block and promotes skin’s resistance to burn under ultraviolet rays.
  • When applied topically, it acts as a stimulus and initiates tanning.
  • It helps to control urinary tract infections, skin diseases and allergies.
  • It is a good bronchodilator which means it can be safely used in asthmatic patients.
  • Forskolin improves memory and concentration.

Forskolin is a big part of alternative medicine, particularly in Indian traditional treatment procedures. In the United States and other western locations, Forskolin only became popular when Dr. Oz discussed about its benefits on his show. At present Foskolin has become a household name and people who had previously given up hope of losing weight can be seen buying the supplements with high expectations.

Common Ingredients In Forskolin Supplements

Forskolin contains the following ingredients:

Forskolin Dosage

According to manufacturers, the maximum daily dose of Forskolin should not exceed 500 milligrams.

Adverse Reactions And Contraindications Of Forskolin

A Short Review On Forskolin And Its AdvantagesThere is no medicine in the world that can claim it has no side effects. A number of adverse reactions can occur after the intake of Forskolin. It causes headache, low blood pressure, tremors and restlessness, cough and throat irritation, acidity, thinning of blood and drug interactions.

Forskolin is not recommended in patients with poly-cystic kidney diseases, blood disorders, cardiovascular problems, pregnancy and in lactation.

Is Forskolin Costly?

Although Forskolin is not that expensive, it is a bit costly if you compare it with the prices of other dietary supplements. You can find a variety of Forskolin brands online. To save yourself a few dollars and any unwanted reactions, look up each brand and buy the right one. It is also recommended that you talk to your dietitian first.

Does Forskolin Offer Any Compensation?

No. Customers who don’t achieve satisfactory results won’t be compensated. It is common with most dietary supplements. Effectiveness and success rates depend upon various factors. The supplements may work differently on different patients.

Is Forskolin Worth A Shot?

Experimental studies and clinical research show that Forskolin promotes weight loss. However, not enough trials have been conducted and definite results are yet to be obtained. Those who wish to use Forskolin for weight loss purposes should consult their doctors. All in all, Forskolin is worth a shot.